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Panchakarma Retreat at the Algarve

7th-21st of October 2024

  • Prevent or cure diseases and for gerneral regeneration
  • Time out to recharge or to heal serious complaints
  • You will get back in tune with your own nature

15 days / 14 nights


3576 €
2980 €*
639 €
OCT 7-21, 2024

*Price for a single bedroom.



  • Daily abyanga massages, yoga and breathwork
  • Ayurvedic constitution analysis & treatments
  • Freshly prepared meals from the organic garden


Close to the Costa Vicentina in Portugal (Faro) on the organic smallholding, Olho Branco, we offer a 2 weeks Panchakarma Program with Ayurvedic full board service, Yoga, Abhyanga and health consultations by Ayurvedic therapists Maria Peres, Farnaz Fahimi MD. and Team.

If you are looking for a time out to recharge or to heal serious complaints, you are at the right place. Come in harmony with your own nature.

What the Panchakarma Retreat contains:

  • 15 days / 14 nights accomondation at the eco farm Olho Branco
  • Local and organic full-broad service
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Dialy Abhyanga massage and treatments (see below examples of treatments)
  • Ayurvedic constitution analysis and health consulations
  • Nutrition, medicine & herbal workshops
  • Sauna, sound healing, fire ritual incl.


In the middle of a nature reservation close to Aljezur, Algarveda offers a unique pancharkarma, intensive ayurveda and mind-body medicine program.

At the family-run Eco-Farm Olho Branco, surrounded by beautiful nature, with freshly prepared meals from the organic garden, you will get back in tune with your own nature.

Your individual program is designed to prevent or cure diseases and for gerneral regeneration. Our medical doctor Farnaz Fahimi selects the most effective measures for you individually.

Examples of treatments:

– Abhyanga – Full body oil massage with traditionally produced Ayurvedic herbal oils, adapted to your constitution and current symptoms
– Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage
– Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic facial massage
– Shirodhara – Ayurvedic forehead oil casting
– Garshana – Silk glove massage
– Hijamat bilashurt – Dry Cupping
– Pinda Sveda – Herbal bag treatment
– Udvartana – Herbal powder massage
– Svedana – Ayurvedic steam bath/heat treatment
– Kati Basti – Local oil treatment of the back (e.g. for lower back pain)
– Nasyam – Local oil treatment in the nose
– Snehapana – Intake of ghee (clarified butter) for several days in increasing doses
– Virecana – Purge
– Niruha Basti – Local internal application on decoction basis (herbal decoction)
– Sneha Basti – Local internal oil treatment
– Yoga Therapy
– Pranayama – Breathing Meditation
– Craniosacral therapy
– Music Therapy
– Agni Hotra Ritual
– Sauna Ceremony

15 days / 14 nights


3576 €
2980 €*
639 €
OCT 7-21, 2023

*Price for a single bedroom.



What Makes This Retreat Special

Your benefits

  • Refreshing energy for the body, peace and quiet for the mind,- a purifying experience.
  • Discover the power of your natural balance to create extraordinary change.
  • Leave the hustle behind and enjoy a relaxing escape in paradise.

Maria Peres and Dr. Farnaz Fahimi, Ayurvedic medical doctor, and their team come together and offer their broad knowledge and experience about Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Mind Body Medicine.

Healing is a natural process that can be self-initiated. We can help and guide you to do this and take you to a place where your complaints will be alleviated. Then we offer a protocol that allows you know what to do in order to heal yourself.

Together we will develop a plan that is tailored to you and that will be easy to implement. According to the motto ‘less is more’ we will find the right healing protocols for you.

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Maria Peres

Maria studied with Dr. Hitesh Chaudari & Dr. Shweta Chaudari at Satvam Clinic, Nasik. and Dr. Sundara, Mountain Top Clinic.

She is a therapist of the soul, a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, natural gynaecology, also in constant study of the alchemy of plants to make her own remedies to support the women she works with. She has a desire to inspire and remind other women of the importance of living in greater respect, connecting with the earth and all living things that inhabit it, and walking in truth with our own voice.

Farnaz Fahmi, MD

Dr. Farnaz Fahimi studied medicine at the unsiverity of Gießen. During her studies she developed a true and genuine passion for research in the field of natural health medicine and in addition to various publications and her doctoral thesis, she has also completed her specialist training in the field of naturopathy.

She has 10 years of practical and clinical experience as a specialist at various university institutions in Berlin and Essen. She currently works as a naturopathic specialist at the Paracelsus Clinic in St. Gallen (Switzerland) as well as at the Algarve with other health professionals.

Intensive Ayurveda therapy for the prevention and treatment of diseases

In Ayurveda, “Panchakarma” refers to effective measures for cleansing and regeneration of the organism, which have proven themselves over several thousand years for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in particular.

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