Dr. Farnaz Fahimi MD, specialist in ayurveda, mind body medicine and ENT

How to come in harmony with your nature

using an holistic approach


I help people to resolve health problems through evidence-based naturopathy, ayurveda and mind-body medicine.

If this sounds interesting to you…


Individual ayurveda and mind-body medicine retreats

In the middle of a nature reservation close to Aljezur, Algarveda offers a unique pancharkarma, intensive ayurveda and mind-body medicine program.

At the family-run Eco-Farm Olho Branco, surrounded by beautiful nature, with freshly prepared meals from the organic garden, you will get back in tune with your own nature.

Your individual program is designed to prevent or cure diseases and for gerneral regeneration. Our medical doctor Farnaz Fahimi selects the most effective measures for you individually.

If you are interested, we compile an individual program for you, which last between five days and three weeks, or visit one of our retreats with our competent Algarveda team.

Dates for coming retreats and workshops

Sep 10

Ayurveda Retreat with Shiva, Doreen & Farnaz

10. September 2022 - 17. September 2022

Ayurveda, Yoga, Natural Health and Detox Retreat. SCHEDULE Saturday, September 10 – ARRIVAL DAY 15:00  Arrivals 16:00 Welcome & Orientation 16:30 Welcome Yoga Session 18:00 Homemade ayurvedic dinner   Sunday, […]

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Request your individual medical consultation

Beside of the retreats and individual intensive healthcare we also offer individual consultations on site (in Aljezur or at Várzea da Gonçala) or online via call.

What you recieve from us

Professional Care

As a recognised medical specialist with years of professional experience in naturopathy. I know what really helps and what is important. I show you step-by-step the way to your health, well-being and the path to your intuition.

Your Symptoms Dissolve

Healing is a natural process that can be self-initiated. I can help and guide you to do this and take you to a place where your complaints will be alliviated. Then offer a protocol that will allow you to finally become free of complaints.

Simple Instructions for Self-Healing

Together we will develope a plan that is tailored to you and that will be easy to implement. According to the motto 'less is more' we will find the right healing protocols for you.


Dr. Farnaz Fahimi is a specialist in ayurveda, naturopathy and ear nose and throat medicine. After she had studied medicine she could collect 9 years of practical expierience in clinics and did research in university hospitals. She has also studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the European Academy of Ayurveda Medicine in Birstein and Berlin and worked as an ayurvedic and mind-body medicine doctor in the past years. READ MORE


Holger is passionated gardener and musician since his early days. During his bachelor studies of horticulture science at Humboldt-University, he made intensive studies in the field of holistic life sciences. Meanwhile he came in touch with Agnihotra – an acient fire ritual from the vedic scripts. Inspired by Dr. med. Ulrich Mohr, he tapped into the science of simplicity and dived into mind-body-medicine. READ MORE

Leoni Jagenburg

Shiva is the Yoga Teacher in the Ayurvedic center. Since two years she is teaching breath-technics and healing Asanas according to the ayurvedic constitution. Yoga for her is a way of life which helps to meet every living being with generosity and love in her daily life. She has learned the classical Hatha Yoga, also the influence of Anusara and dynamic Flow Yoga and Iyengar had influeced her teaching style. READ MORE


Maria had studied general massage, sport and physiotherapy assistant at Feelgood in Lisbon. For 5 years, she had worked in several spas and clinics in Portugal and Spain. In the last year she had started to learn and practice ayurvedic techniques and Panchakarma methods at the Ayurvedic algarveda Center in Portugal. READ MORE

Leoni Jagenburg

Pavel Singh Dhaliwal an passionated ayurvedic Healer. He had learned various holistic medicine methods with Dr. Lata in ayurvedic and energy healing center in Punjab INDIA. In the past years he is part of the permakulture Project Varzea da Gonçala, where he is providing nutrition workshops and is sharing his knowlegde about ayurvedic nutrition and is taking care of the garden. READ MORE

Leoni Jagenburg
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