Mind and body medicine

A central element of algarveda is ordinal therapy. A balanced lifestyle with sufficient exercise, healthy food and stress management is not the only thing that contributes to this. Also important are thoughts and feelings, because there is a close connection between psyche, body and behaviour.

Help for self-help

Mind-body medicine is a self-help approach. MBM helps our participants to increase mindfulness in everyday life and focuses on the interactions between mind, body and behaviour. In doing so, patients are made aware of emotional, mental, social, spiritual and behavioural factors, among others, that can directly influence health. It respects and promotes each person’s capacity for self-knowledge and self-care. In summary, various techniques are used to promote this approach. Their healing effect is scientifically proven and established nationwide.

Getting self-awareness

As part of our retreat programme, you will have the opportunity to learn various techniques, have one-to-one psychological sessions and enter into the exciting self-awareness of Mind Body Medicine.

Upcoming Retreats

Sep 20

Ayurveda intensiv & Mind Body Yoga Retreat with Pachakarma elements

September 20 - September 30

Ayurveda & Mind Body Yoga RetreatDaily yoga & meditationSurrounded by beautyful natureClose to Aljezur, SW Portugal Previous Next Summary Close to Aljezur we offer a 10 days Ayurveda & Mind […]

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Individual mind & body medicine consultation and therapy

Request your own mind and body program or an individual consultation with Farnaz (on the phone or on site at Várzea da Gonçala, Aljezur, Portugal)

Holger Ernst Brandt, M.Sc.

Holger Brandt became Mind Body Life Coach cause of a in 2010 started self-experience in the field of simpliciy and natural psychology. He has a Master of Science in organic agricultural and life sciences. He accompanies people in their personality development and analyses their current situation. With his help, participants gain deep insight into their subconscious and enter the transformation from a personal to a humanic being.

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