Steffi was drawn to the world at an early age. She got to know Ayurvedic medicine in India and Nepal and since 2011 has dedicated herself to studying, deepening and further training in the various areas of Ayurvedic medicine – with a thematic focus on internal medicine, phytotherapy and gynaecology.

After training in India and Germany, Steffi worked as an Ayurvedic therapist at the Immanuel Medizin Zehlendorf practice in Berlin from 2015-2021.

Her work combines highly qualified Ayurvedic know-how with a deep understanding of all situations and difficulties in life. With always open eyes, ears and heart for the needs of her patients, she would like to accompany them on the path to their strength.

As an alternative practitioner, Ayurvedic manual therapist and trained Ayurvedic physician (MSc. from Middlesex University, London), she now works independently near Heidelberg.